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Spiritus Movens Production

Spiritus Movens was established in 2006 by Zdenka Gold and is based in Zagreb, Croatia. The company specializes in the production of independent films (fiction and documentaries), and festival production and event organization for cultural and educational events. We work closely with young emerging filmmakers and with experienced professionals, providing them the best possible conditions and expertise for ambitious, artistic film production. We also provide local production support for foreign production companies filming in Croatia.

In October 2010 we provided local production support, during pre-production and throughout a two-week shoot, for the Dutch film Nick, directed by Fow Pyng Hu, produced by Topkapi Films and De Productie, which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2012.

In 2011 we finished our first film and TV production – a documentary entitled 20 Days in Tibet, directed by Silvestar Klobas, formatted both as a feature-length documentary and as a two-part TV serial (2 x 52 min). In addition, we organized and provided full support for two educational programs that were held in Croatia: the East European Film Alliance and EURODOC.

So far in 2013 we have completed two films: the feature length documentary See You in One Year! directed by Marko Stanić and the debut feature fiction film A Stranger written and directed by Bobo Jelčić, an award-winning theatre director. A Stranger will premiere at the 2013 Berlinale.

Our development slate includes another feature-length documentary directed by Marko Stanić, Slave to the Rhythm, with which we attended EURODOC 2011. Also in development is our cross-media project A Family Dust, whose screenplay is written by Nina Violić, the acclaimed Croatian actress and author. This project will be developed in 2013 at the EAVE Producers’ Workshop.


2014 / A FAMILY DUST / Nina Violić / feature film, cross-media project / 90 min / development
2014 / BREATH / Marko Stanić & Denis Lepur / feature film / 90 min / development
2014 / SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM / Marko Stanić / documentary / 70 min development
2014 / WHITE HOUSE / Ranko Pauković / documentary / 70 min / development
2013 / A STRANGER / Bobo Jelčić / feature film / 87 min
2013 / SEE YOU IN ONE YEAR! / Marko Stanić / documentary / 68 min
2013 / GRANNY / Svebor Kranjc / short fiction / 15 min / development
2013 / LJUBLJANA – ZAGREB / Dario Varga / short fiction / 20 min / development
2012 / 20 DAYS IN TIBET / Silvestar Kolbas / documentary / 82 min + 2X52 min